Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Princess Dress Up Aprons

My little girls love to dress up and plan pretend.  They enjoy the Disney princesses.  I found an adorable sewing pattern, McCall M6619, during a JoAnn $0.99 pattern sale.  I simplified the pattern by not adding overlays, but I think it turned into a cute dress ups.  

The pattern lets you make a variety of Disney Princess dresses.  This one is supposed to look like Rapunzel.  

(Of course little sister wanted to join the photos.) I am currently working on a pink Aurora dress for my sweet niece. A great thing I love about the apron is when other kids come over to the house I can tie it to fit their size.  

 After I finish the Aurora apron, I will try and post some pictures.Please note that this pattern isn't limited to Disney princess dress ups.  You can use any type of fabric or pattern to make the dress up what your child would like.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Update on Past Project: Felt Playhouse

Sorry I have not been current with this blog.  I read in one of my post (click here to read it) that I was going to post pictures of my felt playhouse I made for my daughter for Christmas in 2011.  Unfortunately, I didn't finish it by Christmas.  I did finish it by New Year's Eve. 
What my daughter opened on Christmas.  Sad.
My little ones (and their friends) love it.  They have loved it so much that it has been falling apart a little. Sorry I don't have more pictures.  I will take more after I have fixed the wear and tear on it.
Dog and Fishbowl Side
I know you can only see one side, but I have described the other sides.  The front has a door, window, mailbox, and flower pot. The back sides were gardens with a large tree in the corner.  

It was a lot of work.  And to be honest, I don't think I would make another one again.  It might have been because I tried to finish it before Christmas with only two month and a brand new baby.  

Jane From Disney's Tarzan

For Halloween 2012, my wonderful, gorgeous sister asked me to make her a costume so she could be Jane from Disney's Tarzan.  I was so excited and looked at many different pictures online to see what the character looked like and to see what other people have done.  Oh, course I turned to my brilliant sewing expert (my great mother-in-law) for help and ideas.  Here are the results.

Photos courtesy of Jason Hansen
I used Burda 7880 and New Look 6599 patterns as guides (I do better with patterns).  With my mother-in-law's help, we made the bustle stiffer with some stiff netting.  I didn't make the bustle pillow, but I took a small pillow I had and stitched some ribbon to it. 

Photos courtesy of Jason Hansen
Amazingly, the hardest part of this costume was the collar.  Finally, we used an old collared white shirt to attach our collar.  We wanted the collar to be high. 

Photos courtesy of Jason Hansen
The costume works so well because of how perfect my sister is to be Jane.  Please note that these photos were taken by my talented brother, Jason.